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Action shot from Seduction Burlesque - photographer Daniel J. Sliwa

My private session is all about helping you push the movement or intention of the act further.  Most performers come with the act mostly completed or a concept. By watching your personal musicality and listening to the song's nuances, I help create "building the tense" of the tease for a more engaging performance. I also help with choreography where needed for a smoother transition of movement and timing.

Email me for availability and rates at


"Simone del Mar is an overall outstanding sexy woman on stage. She knows how to engage the audience with her finesse and classy charm luring the audience in her play and story telling routines. I've learned the importance of timing and eye gazing through her mastered technic classes. As a professional artist myself, I am in awe being able to work along side such a talent!"

Bylistic Rouge/Lauren Woods - professional Opera singer, Argentine Tango performer and instructor and L.A. Burlesque entertainer

IG: @lwartiste



"Simone is a beautiful and talented performer with an amazing ability to entice an audience, working with her was a pleasure. She made me feel comfortable and help bring out the confidence I needed to feel great on stage, and gave me principles that I can use long into my career.

I would  recommend taking a class with Simone to anybody, whether you're an amateur or professional she can definitely and still you with something you can use for a long time."

Varla VaVoom - professional Costume Designer and L.A. Burlesque entertainer

IG: @varlavavoom / @varlavavoomcostume




"Taking a private burlesque class from Simone del Mar has been on my bucket list since the first time a saw her perform. I am fairly new to burlesque and wanted to learn how to enhance my performance. 

Simone obviously put a lot of thought, time and expertise into preparing my private class. She reviewed and analyzed my performance videos before my class. Her plan to utilize our time had allowances for me being extremely nervous and needing time to get out of my head.

Simone's class was both fun and challenging. Her hands on approach and direct but caring feedback for enhancing the quality of my performance was invaluable. She has a relaxed and logical method of teaching that inspired me.

If you are seeking a non-judgemental, passionate and giving instructor who will give you tools to enhance your creativity, Simone del Mar will get the job done."

Sepia Jewel - 1/3 of the Showgirl Sunday Dinner podcast host/co-creator and San Diego Burlesque entertainer

IG: @sepiajewel / @showgirlsundaydinner

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